Strike Out Stats

Bowling Stat Tracker for Android

Strike Out Stats

Strike Out Stats is an Android App that lets you keep track of stats about your bowling game!  Enter yours scores roll by roll and see how often you strike, how often you pick up your single-pin spares, or how often you convert your splits!

You can keep track of EVERY league you play in, and every game you bowl in that league!

View all kinds of stats!! You can look at stats for any given game, for any date you bowled, for any league you bowl in, etc, etc, etc!!!  Check out your overall stats to see how you are doing throughout all of your bowling!

VERSION 2.6.1 

-Bug fixes. 


-NEW FEATURE: Scoreboard.  This is a feature that lets you look at your frame-by-frame scores (with pin formations) for games that are already completed.  You can see the scoreboard for one specific game, or for all games on a specific day. (Android 1.5 users, I kept the scoreboard in there, but it does not come out exactly the way I wanted it.  It works just fine though!)

- New Feature: View Notes.  On the stats page, there is now a Notes button.  Click this button to see all notes that are related to the games in the stats you are viewing.  You can also access notes in the Stat Selection page by hitting MENU -> Show Notes.

-Changed how to edit frames.  When inputting games, the change comes If you have inputted the pin formation for a frame.  When selecting a previous frame to edit, the scores will be erased but the pin formations will remain intact.  (In case you do have to go back and forget the pin formation that was left).

-Fixed bug in Scoreloop Global Scores page.


Check out the Photos & Screenshots section to get a look at Strike Out Stats!

I love hearing ideas and suggestions to make this APP better, so please, if you'd like to see something added, give me an e-mail and i'll see what i can do!!