Strike Out Stats

Bowling Stat Tracker for Android

Version Log


-NEW FEATURE: Select which Pins you left on each roll of each frame.

-Option to have pins ALL UP/ALL DOWN by default when going to a new frame.

-Can switch between Score Input/Pins Input in the game.  Meaning you can select which pins you left for specific frames.

-Pin selection stats!!

-Look at which Pin Formations you leave on your first Roll. I.E. what spares you leave.  This will be ordered by which spares you leave most often.

-View Your Spares by: Single Pins, Multiple Pins, Multiple Pins (non-split), Splits, or view ALL!!

-For each Spare you leave, see how you roll on the second shot! See if you pick up that spare or not!!



 -NEW FEATURE: Database Management.  Import and Export your Database!  

-Export your database to create a backup file of you bowling stats!  Each time you'd like to export your current DB, you can either create a new file or overwrite an existing file.  

-Import your database to retrieve lost data.  After creating backup databases, you can import them at any time to recover lost data!

-NEW FEATURE: Social Postings!

-After selecting a league you'll be in the page where you are able to add new games/view all games for that league.  From here, you can now post to your social networks/send text messages/send emails to share to your friends how you bowled for that day.  Select MENU -> Social Posting, then choose how you'd like to share your bowling scores!!

-NEW FEATURE: E-mail Stats!!

-Any time you view the main stats page(either stats for a game, stats for a league, or through the stat filter, etc), you are now able to send those stats via e-mail.  E-mail yourself to get a backup copy of your stats, or e-mail your friends to show them how well you are doing! 

Version 2.2

NEW FEATURE: ScoreLoop integration.  Scoreloop is a global high scores leaderboard!  After each game you'll have the option of submitting that game to Scoreloop.  Each game can only be submitted once, so make sure that you have inputted each game correctly before submitting.  You can also submit your Series as well.   

To submit your series, press MENU-> submit scores.  Your series can only be submitted once so again, please make sure that all games are inputted correctly and that your league night is over before submitting.  You also have the option here of submitting any games, you have not submitted already.

Previous scores can be submitted to the leader board, so if you bowled some great scores a couple weeks ago, go back to those games and submit them!! 

-Leader Boards: There are currently three leader boards.  Global, 24 Hour, and Country.  Global will show the highest game/series that each user has bowled.  24 Hour will show a list of the highest games/series that have been bowled in the last 24 hours. (I'm hoping that Scoreloop will add an option to get a weekly leaderboard too).  And Country, shows a list of the highest games/series in your country.

-Highest Series.  Highest series is listed based on the average game for that series.  So, a series for a bowler that bowls four games in one night will be ranked the same as a series that has three games in a night.

-Layout changes.  I did some adjustments to the layout giving a slightly new look to parts of the pages.  I also adjusted where certain buttons were to make it easier to use.   Example, in the stat selection page, you now do not need to scroll to the bottom of the page to hit the button to show your stats, that button is always displayed.

-Changed the layout of the high games page.  Now you can switch between high games/high series instantly.  Also added some quick links to high scores section.  From the main page you can go directly to a list of your high scores.  You can now view your leagues High Games/Series directly from the league page.  Just press MENU -> League High Scores. 

Version 2.1.1 

 NEW FEATURE: Graph Stats!!! display stats in graph form to visualize how you are progressing in your bowling career!  

-View your weekly game/series average for one league, or compare up to three leagues!  Viewing one league will display your weekly game/average vs. your running average for that league!  Comparing multiple leagues shows how your weekly average from week one to the last week in each league!

-Average by Game Number.  For a specific league, see your average per game number!!  Compare how you are averaging from your first game in your series to the last game!! 

-Score Distribution!  See how many times your score within a specific range for either one league, a couple leagues, or all the leagues you've bowled!!

-NEW FEATURE: Strike Out Total!  This total runs while you are inputting a new game.  It will show you what the highest game you can roll is at all times (What you will bowl if you Strike Out!)!!! 

-Fixes a force close bug


Version 2.0.1

Fixed an error where the app would crash if you tried changing the date range filter in the stats area! Thank you Jordi Tubella for the quick catch of this bug!

Version 2.0 

-Stat fix: 10th frame splits were NOT being registered.  They are now! Also, old games will be updated so that the 10th frame splits that weren't registered, will be, so that your stats are correct! 

-NEW FEATURE: Game Details!  These are specific details you can add to each game.  Such as Bowling Alley where you rolled; Bowling Ball that you used, Oil Conditions of the lanes you rolled on; The lane numbers you were on; and a Notes section to add any other details you might find relevant!

-You can now sort stats based on Alley, Ball, Oil Condition, or Lane Numbers!!

Version 1.5 

-Database update(All your current games will NOT be lost!!)

-some minor Bug fixes(mostly layout issues for users running android 1.5)

-Spare slash is now the correct '/'  

-New Features: Stat Filter!! Choose which leagues, as well as specify a date ranges!

-Stat Filter also lets you list your high games and high series! All games and series will be displayed from high to low, with the date that it happened!